MAN, I feel like a Woman, 2017, solo exhibition in Gallery Hvítspói, Akureyri, Iceland.

The exhibition was inspired by Shania Twain's song, Man I feel like a woman, in which Auður used the lyrics as a research topic for the installation. The drawings functioned as the reading of the inner emotional life of the objects. 

(Drawings, oil pastel on paper and pencil / ink on paper. Sizes a4 / a3)

DSC05741 copy.jpg

Drullusokkur / dirtbag.

Metal, chain, spray painted wood, rubber, angle bait. 


Installation view.



Totally crazy, forget I'm a lady.

Plaster, horse hair, Toyota sign, acrylic spray paint, metal and polyurethane. 



Exhaust car part, metal, plaster, paint, plastic and dyed rabbit hair. 


Lady boy.

Ceramic, metal, paint, plastic and leather strap.


Get a little outta line. 

Rubber, part from tire. 


Man shirt short skirt.

Polyester and metal.

Floor: Aluminum, spraypaint, polyutrethane. 


A little out of line.



My prerogative.

polyurethane, plastic, acrylic paint.


installation view



Ceramic, golf glove, plaster, spray paint, varnish.


Installation view.