All the roles are bouncing off of loaded cairns, dividing themselves, dilluting. All the hats are stacking each on top of the other and forming one whole being, that needs to carry on. On the lookout for new hats, different hats. On the lookout for less hats, more unique roles, unavailable hats or even those that brake social norms or rules. So many hats but only one head. One multi-layered self portrait. The hat, this top layer of the human costume which has become an historical entity of a material belonging to tales of time gone by, is the theme of Auður’s works in the exhibition. The hats were i.a. a symbol of status in society or explained the occupation of the individual but now seem to have become invisible yet being there, like ghosts.

In the works in the exhibhition one can see shadow images of the outlines of real and imagined hats which form a sculptural connotation. Auður uses the hat as a key to unlock emotional doors which open different rooms. The surface of the works often times become thick and layered, explained by there being multiple images underneath the top layer,  reveiling the charged roles of the past.
©️ auður ómarsdóttir 2022